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June 21, 2011

Sending Web Articles to K3

In addition to sending books and news to my Kindle, I often send internet articles I want to read but either don’t have time to read when I encounter them while at my computer or prefer to read on my Kindle due to the length of the articles. The articles may be lengthy reviews, tutorials, wiki pages, etc. There are a number of applications that will send such articles to your Kindle for later reading and one that even finds interesting articles for you and sends them on. In this post I will look briefly at three such applications: SendtoReader, Instapaper, and Delivereads. I will look at a couple of others in a future post.

SendtoReader is a “bookmarklet” or small javascript application that enables you to send a web page or article to your Kindle with just one click. After setting up your sendtoreader account, you add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar and simply click on it to send the web page you are reading to your Kindle. As with our use of Calibre discussed in the previous post, you also need to add an approved email to your personal document settings on your manage your kindle page; in this case the email to add is I use this application frequently, usually when I come across an article I plan to read very soon but want to read  on my Kindle.

When I encounter articles I want to read but am in no hurry, I often use Instapaper. You set up an account with Instapaper and then add the instapaper email to your approved email list in your Amazon account. The bookmarklet that you add to your bookmarks toolbar is called “Read Later”; clicking on it will save the article for later reading on your computer. But Instapaper also has a Manage Your Kindle feature that you can use to set up automatic delivery to your Kindle of your saved articles on a daily or weekly basis. I currently have my saved articles sent once a week. So I use Instapaper for saving articles I’m in no hurry to digest and SendtoReader for articles I plan to read soon but want to read on my Kindle.

An interesting service offered by Dave Pell is Delivereads. You subscribe by signing up with your Kindle email address and adding to your Amazon approved email list. You will receive articles that Mr. Pell has gleaned from the NY Times, the Atlantic, etc. for your perusal. Well worth a try to see if you find his selection of articles to your taste. It’s very easy to unsubscribe if you decide it’s not for you.

Public Domain Recommendation of the Day

Today’s PD recommendation is The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens. Though it is not generally regarded as highly as Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Bleak House, or David Copperfield, I find The Old Curiosity Shop to be a great read. Second-tier Dickens is still awfully good. It features one of Dickens’ most malevolent characters (among many), the dwarf Daniel Quilp. Dickens is one of my favorite writers; if you haven’t read anything of his in a while, you might take a look at The Old Curiosity Shop and let me know what you think.

Android App of the Day

For those of you using Android on your Nook Color (I run Cyanogen Mod 7 on a microSD card), my Android App pick today is Taptu, a free news feed reader that I prefer to the more commonly known Pulse. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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